Oh men....
-Chris Pine
-Ryan Reynolds
-Justin bartha
-James McAvoy
-James Marsden
-Ryan Gosling
-Johnny Depp
-Darren Criss
-Michael Weatherly
-Daniel Cudmore
-Matt Lanter
-Billy Currington
-Taylor Lautner
-Kellan Lutz
-Drew Roy
-William Moseley
-Jared Leto
-Michael Bradley
-Alex Pattyfer
-Chris Colfer
-Bradley Cooper
-Shia Labeouf
-Josh Groban

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Oh men....

Taylor Lautner
scarf man &lt;3
this is the best &#8220;my body is ready&#8221; picture of all time&#8230;&#8230; &lt;3
Jacob running in the rain!
Can&#8217;t wait to see Breaking Dawn! &lt;3